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Mapping SAP Data Types to OutSystems Data Types

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  • When integrating with a SAP System in your module, OutSystems maps the SAP Data Types into OutSystems Data Types as follows:

    SAP Data Type OutSystems Data Type Comments
    BCD Decimal
    Decimal, if the length of the field is less than 28 characters.
    Text otherwise.
    BYTE Binary Data
    CHAR Text
    CLASS Structure
    DATE Date
    Decimal Values of these SAP data types can be outside of the boundaries of the Decimal data type. If the integer part is higher than the biggest Decimal value of OutSystems, you get a runtime error.
    If the fractional part is outside of OutSystems' Decimal boundaries, it will be rounded.
    If you need to work with values out the Decimal range of OutSystems, use Text data type.
    NUM Text
    STRING Text
    STRUCTURE Structure
    TABLE List If a table is input and output parameter at the same time, OutSystems generates two separate parameters.
    TIME Time
    XSTRING BinaryData
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