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Database Indexes

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  • When a developer creates a foreign key in Service Studio, with the delete rule set to Protect or Delete, the platform automatically creates an index. In the database, this index has the OSIDX prefix. The platform deletes the automatically created indexes when you set Delete Rule to Ignore.

    The platform manages all indexes starting with OSIDX_. You shouldn't create or edit indexes starting with OSIDX_, as any custom changes are discarded. Additionally, you may impact the correct functioning of the apps.

    Create indexes in Service Studio

    Developers can define custom indexes in Service Studio to improve the performance of the apps. Creating new indexes in Service Studio is the preferred way of creating database indexes.

    Seen Create an Entity Index for instructions about creating indexes in Service Studio.

    Create indexes through SQL

    If you're creating indexes through SQL interface, make sure you give them a custom prefix. Here are some examples of queries.

    CREATE UNIQUE INDEX MYINDEX_<internal name> ON <Entity>(<attributes>)

    CREATE INDEX MYINDEX_<internal name> ON <Entity>(<attributes>)

    Note: If you are using an Oracle database, you can define the Indexes tablespace in the Configuration Tool.

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