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LifeTime SDK

Use the LifeTime SDK to develop your own plug-ins for LifeTime, thus extending LifeTime functionality. The LifeTimeSDK contains the base layout components and APIs used to develop a LifeTime plug-in.

To start developing your LifeTime plug-in, you need to:

  • Install the LifeTime SDK on a development environment;
  • Export LifeTime data to the environment where you will be developing the plug-in;
  • Develop the plug-in using the development environment: once the LifeTimeSDK is installed on an environment, a new button is made available, to create an application with the necessary references for the LifeTimeSDK;
  • Deploy the new plug-in to the environment running LifeTime.

To learn more on how to develop your LifeTime plug-in, access the <LifeTime Environment>/LifeTimeSDK screen on your infrastructure.

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