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Emails API

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  • The Emails API allows you to get information from the OutSystems data model to customize and extend the design of your Emails.

    With this API your can, for example, do the following:

    • Extend the Data Model: Extend the OutSystems data model to better adapt Emails to your needs.
    • Build Email Reports: Build reports about your Emails from the extracted information.

    The information about your emails is obtained by querying System entities. As such, you must add references to those entities to your module, using the Manage Dependencies dialog box.

    Entities Storing Definitions

    The Email_Definition entity stores the definition of your Emails.

    Entities Storing Runtime Data

    The runtime data of all elements related with Emails is stored in the following entities:

    • Sent_Email: The runtime data of emails generated by the Send Email, which is fetched by the OutSystems Scheduler Service that effectively sends emails.
    • Email_Content: Email content of each email in the Sent_Email entity.
    • Email_Status: The sending status of each email in the Sent_Email entity.
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