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Download from Server Window

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  • The Download from server window is launched when you are downloading an extension, in Integration Studio and allows you to download the latest extension version of a given extension.

    The information and buttons available in the Download from Server window are presented below.

    This column presents the name of all the extensions in which you have Download security level.
    This column presents the latest extension version published on the server.
    This column presents the date and time of the last upload of that extension to the server.
    This column shows the name of the user that last uploaded that extension to the server.
    This column presents the description of the extension.

    This column provides more information about the extension as described below.

    P – Indicates whether the extension is published in the server and if the published version corresponds to the last uploaded version.

    If this information is not displayed then either the published version of the extension does not correspond to the last uploaded version (check the extension versions by pressing the Older versions button) or the extension is not published at all.

    Change Server
    Allows you to change the server that you are using, launching the Select server window.
    Older versions
    Launches a window where you can pick any extension version from the selected extension to download.
    Downloads the latest extension version of the extension you selected to download.
    Cancels the download.
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