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  • The File menu on the menu bar contains options dealing with the management of extensions.

    The File menu contains the following operations:

    Menu Item Description
    New Creates a new extension.
    Open Opens an extension already created in Integration Studio. Simply select the XIF (Extension and Integration Framework) file and all the elements defined for the extension are available in the Extension and Resources tree.
    Close Closes the current extension. If you have not saved it, Integration Studio prompts you with the Save window.
    Save Saves the extension in a XIF file.
    Save As... Launches the "Save As..." window, where you can specify the name of the extension.
    Import In this option you can import actions from a .NET assembly and entities from a Database. You can also import from other technologies, based on the Plug-in's you have installed to extend Integration Studio.
    Select Server... Allows you to select the Platform Server you want to use.
    Download... Allows you to download an extension already published in the Platform Server you are connected to.
    Verify Verifies if the current extension is valid and ready to be published in a Platform Server.
    Verify and Save Verifies if the current extension is valid and ready to be published in a Platform Server. If so, the extension is saved.
    1-Click Publish Allows you to publish the current extension in a Platform Server.
    Update Source Code Synchronizes the source code you added in the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with the definition of the extension elements.
    Edit Source Code Opens the solution of your extension in the IDE you specified for .NET extensions.
    Most recent files List with the extensions that you recently opened in Integration Studio.
    Exit Closes Integration Studio.

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