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Entity Editor

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  • The Entity Editor allows you to edit the properties of an entity that belongs to your extension.

    This editor is displayed when an entity is selected in the Multi-tree Navigator or in the Multi-tab Editor.

    Set the Entity Identifier

    The identifier is the attribute that uniquely identifies the rows of your entity.

    To set the entity identifier, do one of the following:

    • In the Entity editor, edit the Identifier property and select the attribute you want from the drop-down list;

    • In the Attributes table, right-click on the attribute you want and select the Set as Identifier option.

    Entity Attributes

    To manage entity attributes, see Attributes Editor.

    Change the Entity Properties

    You can change the properties of the entity at any time. Simply double-click in the entity in the Multi-tree navigator or select the action in the Multi-tab editor.

    Import Details

    This button is enabled when this entity is imported from a database, and displays a report where you can check the original table definition and the corresponding entity definition. The following information is displayed:

    • Entity: Name of the entity and its status with the following syntax:

      Entity <entity_name>: <entity_status>

    • Database Connection: Name of the database connection and its Database Management System (DBMS). If the entity is imported without using a Database Connection this line is omitted. The syntax is as follows:

      Database Connection <Database_Connection_Name> ( <DBMS> )

    • Physical Table Name: Indicates the full name of the physical table associated with this entity.

    • Identifier: Name of the attribute that corresponds to the Primary Key, if any.

    • Attributes: Attributes of the entity created by the wizard. The Attribute syntax is as follows:

      <attribute_name> ( <OutSystems_data_type> <- <database_data_type> ): <attribute_status>

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