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Invalid Property Value Error

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  • The Invalid Property Value error is issued in the following situations:

    <property> must be set in <element>

    There's a mandatory property in <element> that you haven't set. For example, the Destination property in a Link widget.

    Mandatory property not set. Link example.

    Set a value in the mandatory property.

    'Default Value' must be set to a <literal> literal

    The Default Value property must be a literal. You can't set the property with an expression as, for example: 1 + 1.

    Literal value error


    Edit the Default Value property of the element and set a literal value.

    In all the elements (except Session Variables and Site Properties), you can use one of the following built-in functions as default value: NullDate(), NullIdentifier, NullObject(), NullTextIdentifier(), CurrDate(), CurrTime(), CurrDateTime(), and NewLine().

    '<property>' cannot be set to the content of a widget

    You have a Record widget that is populated with the content of another widget or the widget itself. For example a Show Record widget whose Source Record is TableRecords1.List.Current.

    Record widget populated with the content of another widget

    Edit the Source Record or Source Record List (depending on the widget), and use a variable that's not a runtime property of any of the widgets available on the screen. You must use local variables, queries, or lists evaluated in the Screen Preparation.
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