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Invalid Data Dependency

The Invalid Data Dependency error is issued in the following situations:

  • You can't set Fetch property At Start on a data source that depends on a source with Fetch set to On Demand. Change the Fetch property value of '{0}' or '{1}'.

    Change the Fetch properties on your data sources. You probably designed two dependent data sources with At Start and On Demand properties, but they won't fetch any data because of the wrong order. If you are implementing, for example, a master-detail pattern, the "master" data sources should fetch all data with On Start while "detail" data is fetched On Demand.

  • '{0}' data source dependencies have other dependencies. Remove some of the data source dependencies.

    There are too many levels of data dependencies. You may have several Aggregates depending on each other. Simplify data relationship by removing some of the dependencies.

  • '{0}' can depend on single data source only. Remove the references to other data sources.

    You can create direct data dependencies between two data sources. More than that causes an error.

  • Loop detected in '{0}'. Edit the data source references to remove circular dependency.

    The fetching of your data is designed in such a way that it references itself. This causes loop that can freeze the app. Change the data dependency to remove this circular dependency.

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