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Cache Tab

In the Cache tab you define the basic settings for connecting to the Cache Invalidation Service (RabbitMQ) from applications and OutSystems services.

Cache Invalidation Service Section

This section contains configuration parameters for the cache invalidation service.

Configuration Description Default value
Host Hostname or IP address of the Cache Invalidation Service.
Note: To make it easier to add a front-end server later, we do not recommend that you use "localhost" as the hostname.
Port Port used by applications and OutSystems services to communicate with the cache invalidation service. 5672
Virtual Host Name of RabbitMQ virtual host.
Virtual hosts allow you to reuse the service to other purposes having a separation from OutSystems logic.
Username User of the cache invalidation service used by the OutSystems platform. guest
Password Password of the user of the cache invalidation service used by the platform. guest

Test Connection Button

To verify that it is possible to connect to the cache invalidation service with the supplied configuration, click 'Test Connection'.

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