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  • Apps aren't showing up in Architecture Dashboard

    If Architecture Dashboard doesn't shown any apps, this can mean that there are synchronization issues between Architecture Dashboard and Discovery.

    Ensure that you installed the latest Discovery version.

    If you have the latest Discovery version and the apps still don’t show up, please contact the team via Support Portal.

    Synchronization issues

    Synchronization (data sent from Architecture Dashboard Probe to SaaS) occurs every 12 hours.

    In Architecture Dashboard, check the Latest sync date and time in the bottom right corner of the canvas.

    Sync date and time in the Architecture Dashboard canvas

    If the last sync occurred more than 24 hours ago, go to the Monitoring tab of the Service Center of the LifeTime environment (https://<lifetime_environment>/ServiceCenter), and check for errors in the Architecture Dashboard LifeTime Probe module named ArPr_Communitcation.

    Note that the LifeTime environment must be able to connect to Architecture Dashboard Web Service available at:

    If the issue persists, open a ticket in the Support Portal with all the details that you have and steps followed to troubleshoot.

    Duplicated code findings mismatch

    The number of issues listed in Architecture Dashboard is inconsistent across views. For example, the number of duplicate code instances in the report view differs from the number listed in the detailed view.

    This may occur if you change the target environment of the code analysis probe without first deleting data from Architecture Dashboard. Before you change the target environment, contact technical support to delete existing data. Then follow the setup procedure to configure the new target environment.

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