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How to change module classifications

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  • You can change a module's classification in the canvas. However, by changing the classification of a module, the classification of the app may be affected. OutSystems AI model receives this reclassification.


    Before changing a module’s classification in Architecture Dashboard, make sure that the following requirements are met:

    Change module classifications

    To change a module’s classification, follow these steps:

    1. In the Architecture Dashboard canvas, double-click the app that contains the module you want to reclassify.

      Double-click app

    2. Select the module you want to reclassify, and in the module details area, from the dropdown, select the new architecture layer.

      Select new architecture layer

      When you reclassify the module classification, the Change module classification popup is displayed letting you know that all auto-classification for the module will be overridden.

      Change module classification popup

    3. Click Yes, change it.

    When you reclassify a module, the technical debt score related to architecture code patterns is recalculated immediately.