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Getting started as an architect

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  • As an architect, the Architecture Dashboard provides you with an overview of your organization’s technical debt. From the canvas, you can check the technical debt of all the apps in your infrastructure and take the necessary steps to reduce the technical debt score for problem areas.

    This guide assumes the following:

    • Your infrastructure is already set up in Architecture Dashboard.

    • Your IT user is already associated with Architecture Dashboard.

    • You have the Administrator role in LifeTime.

    After logging into Architecture Dashboard with your OutSystems account, follow these steps:

    Check the technical debt of all your apps

    The canvas gives you an overview of all the apps on your infrastructure.

    Overview of apps in infrastructure

    Each square is an app. It shows the app name and the app type.

    The color of each app shows you how high the technical debt is in that app. Technical debt tells you how difficult or easy it is to change and maintain an app or module.

    Technical debt and agility color scale

    Find an app with high technical debt

    Red means the app has high technical debt.

    Select a red app. If there's no red app, select another app, preferably orange or yellow.

    Select app with high technical debt

    Check the dependencies of the app

    Selecting an app highlights the dependencies of that app. Use this information to help you decide which apps should be improved first.

    Check app dependencies

    Find out which team owns the app

    On the side panel, check the team that owns the app. You can use this information to ask for improvements to the app.

    Check app owner

    Check how technical debt has changed with time

    The mini chart shows how technical debt has changed over time.

    Mini technical debt chart

    To get more details, click the mini chart.

    Expanded technical debt chart

    The technical debt chart includes a technical debt trendline and a trend value. This information tells you whether your technical debt is increasing or decreasing with time. To get information for a specific date, hover your mouse over the chart.

    Get technical debt chart details on a date

    You can also select another date range.

    Change chart time frame

    Remove modules from technical debt score

    You can remove specific modules from the technical debt calculation for your infrastructure, by setting them as Ignored Modules.
    To set a module as ignored, follow these steps:

    1. In the top bar, click your user name, and then select Maintenance.

      Select Maintenance

    2. On the Maintenance screen, set the Status filter to All.

      Set status

    3. Find the module you want to remove from the technical debt calculation and switch the Ignored toggle on.

      Setting a module as ignored

    After completing these steps and after the next synchronization occurs, the findings associated with the ignored module are resolved and removed from the technical debt score.

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