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Applies only to Mobile Apps
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Send feedback in mobile apps

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  • Users can send feedback from mobile apps by long-pressing two fingers. View the user feedback in the App Feedback app. Note that you first need to activate the feedback feature in the environment.

    Two-fingers gesture

    Users can send feedback as voice recordings as well, which requires a permission to access the microphone. When sending the first feedback, the app asks for the microphone access:

    Permission dialogue

    To send feedback, do the following:

    1. Go to the screen for which you want to send feedback.

    2. Long-press two fingers on the screen.

      Two-fingers gesture

    3. Mark the part of the screen you want to submit feedback about.

      Feedback icon

    4. Enter a text message in the input box.

      Text feedback

      Start a voice recording by clicking the microphone icon.

      Voice feedback

    5. Click Send to submit the feedback.

    You can send feedback only while the device has access to the network.

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