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Handle the submitted feedback

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    When you enable user feedback for your apps, the App Feedback application collects all the feedback your users send for each app. To act upon the feedback received, follow the steps below.

    1. Open the LifeTime console at https://<your environment>/Lifetime.

      If you don't have LifeTime installed, access the App Feedback application of your environment by visiting the URL https://<your environment>/ECT_Provider.

    2. In the Applications section, select the App Feedback option in the drop-down menu next to the environment for which you want to see the feedback items.

      LifeTime applications screen

    3. Sign in with the credentials of a user account defined in the Users app (https://<your environment>/Users), that has Administrator or FeedbackManager permissions.

    4. Click the Feedback section, to see a list of all the feedback submitted by users.

    5. On the right side of the screen, ensure the selection of the drop-down menu is Open. This option allows you to display open requests, closed ones, or both.

      Feedback items list

    6. Select one of the listed feedbacks to check the information provided by the user, and click Open.

      A window with the details opens, providing the feedback from the user and screenshot of the app screen.

      Open feedback details

    7. To open the screen directly in Service Studio for acting upon the users' feedback, click CHANGE THIS SCREEN.

      1. Confirm this operation by clicking Open Service Studio. If you don't want to see this message again, click on the checkbox to automatically allow this operation.

        Open Service Studio confirmation

      2. Enter your environment address and login credentials to allow downloading the app module from Service Center to Service Studio, and click LOG IN.

        Enter environment address and login credentials

      3. Implement the requested change or suggestion, publish your app, and test it.

    8. To mark the feedback as closed, click Close. The request moves to the closed list.

      Closed requests list

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