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Managing the Applications Lifecycle




Handle the Submitted Feedback

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  • When you enable users to send feedback for your applications, the submitted feedback will be accessible in the App Feedback application:

    1. Open the LifeTime console.

    2. In the Applications section, select "App Feedback" option in the drop-down menu next to the environment where you want to enable user feedback. This will open the App Feedback application in that environment:

    3. Sign in with the credentials of an end user account that has Administrator or FeedbackManager permissions.

    4. In the Feedback section, you find the feedback submitted for each application:

    If you don't have LifeTime installed, you can access directly to the App Feedback application of your environment by typing https://<your environment>/ECT_Provider in your browser.

    Opening each submitted feedback, you'll find the following information:

    • The screenshot of the feedback on the screen
    • The status of the feedback
    • The information about who submitted the feedback and when
    • The feedback: in plain text or recorded voice
    • The operating system
    • The screen resolution

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