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Managing the Applications Lifecycle



Retry an Aborted Deployment Plan

A deployment plan can be aborted manually by an operator or by the OutSystems platform, due to some issue that occurs during deployment.

When this happens, you don't need to create a new deployment plan from scratch to try to execute the same deployment operation, i.e. a deployment with the same applications and the same versions.

You can retry an aborted deployment plan by clicking the Retry Plan link in the deployment execution screen:

The retry operation does the following:

  • Creates a copy of the aborted deployment plan in an unsaved state, with the same applications and tagged versions and between the same source and target environments as the original deployment plan.

  • Navigates to the new deployment plan detail screen, allowing you to make some adjustments to the plan before executing it.

Note: If some of the tagged versions are not available for deployment anymore when you retry the plan (for example, if a more recent version of an application was already deployed to the target environment), you will get a feedback message stating this situation and you can adjust the new deployment plan accordingly.

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