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Use a Forge Component Made by the Community

OutSystems Forge is a repository of open-source reusable components and applications that speed application delivery. They provide multiple additional features and components such as:

  • String manipulation libraries
  • Widgets to display maps or charts
  • Connectors to integrate with external services such as Box, LinkedIn, or Twitter
  • Entire business applications such as Timesheets, Expenses or Sales to customize and give you a head start

To install a component as a dependency of your application:

  1. In the Development tab in Service Studio, click on the Install Application button.
  2. Search for the component, select the component and click Install.
  3. After installing the component, from the detail screen of your application, click on the Manage Dependencies button.

  4. On the Manage Dependencies window, find the list of installed components you can add as a dependency on left window pane. For each selected item you can see a list of its public elements on the right window pane; you can check or uncheck the elements of the component you want to use in your module.

In the case of installing an entire application, open it and customize it to suit your needs.

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