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Set the logging level of REST and SOAP integrations

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  • You can customize the logging level for consumed/exposed REST APIs and consumed SOAP Web Services to adjust the amount of stored information about requests/responses.

    For more information about the available logging levels, check Logging levels reference for REST and SOAP.

    To configure the logging level, do the following:

    1. Go to the Service Center management console of your OutSystems environment.
    2. Go to the Factory tab and click on the link with the name of your application.
    3. In the Modules tab, click on the link with the module name that contains the REST API or the consumed SOAP Web Service that you want to configure.
    4. In the Integrations tab, click on the desired REST API or SOAP Web Service link to configure it.
    5. Set the Logging Level to the desired value: Default, Troubleshoot, or Full.
    6. Click Apply.

    Set the logging level of a consumed SOAP Web Service

    For consumed REST APIs, you can redact input parameter values from the logs.

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