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Troubleshoot a SOAP Web Service

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  • OutSystems keeps track of all requests and responses of both exposed and consumed SOAP Web Services in your application. These log entries can be viewed in the OutSystems environment management console (Service Center).

    You can configure the detail level of the logs that OutSystems keeps for each consumed SOAP Web Service, for example increasing the logging level of a given SOAP Web Service while troubleshooting an issue. Check Set the logging level of REST and SOAP integrations for more information.

    View SOAP Web Service Logs

    To access the logs of your SOAP Web Service, do the following:

    1. Go to the Service Center management console of your OutSystems environment.
    2. Go to the Monitoring section and select Integrations.
    3. In Type, filter the logging you want to see: SOAP (Consume) or SOAP (Expose).
    4. Click Filter.
    5. To see the details of a log entry click on the Detail link (or, if there was an error, on the Error link) displayed on the right to get detailed information.

    Integration Log screen in Service Center

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