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Extensibility and Integration



Expose a SOAP Web Service

To expose a SOAP Web Service, do the following:

  1. In the Logic tab, open the Integrations folder;
  2. Right-click the SOAP element and select Expose SOAP Web Service;

  3. Set the name of your SOAP Web Service and the remaining properties;

  4. If you want to set a specific namespace for your SOAP Web Service, set it in the Web Services Namespace property of the module;
  5. Right-click your new SOAP Web Service and select Add Web Service Method;
  6. Set the name of your method;
  7. Design the logic of your Web Service Method.

When you publish your module, the following happens:

  • The actions of exposed SOAP Web Services are translated into methods in the WSDL, with the same name and description;
  • The data types used by these actions are mapped into XML data types in the WSDL.


  • Your exposed SOAP Web Service will be available at:
  • http://<hostname>/<ModuleName>/<WebServiceName>.asmx
  • The WSDL of the exposed SOAP Web Service will be available at:
  • http://<hostname>/<ModuleName>/<WebServiceName>.asmx?WSDL
  • The SOAP Web Service will be exposed using a document/literal WSDL with both SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 bindings.
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