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Refresh a SOAP Web Service

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  • To change the services consumed from a SOAP Web Service or to modify the list of consumed methods, refresh the service in Service Studio:

    1. In the Logic tab, open the Integrations folder.

    2. Under Integrations > SOAP, right-click the SOAP Web Service you want to refresh and select Refresh SOAP Web Service. In this example, the Web Service name is SoccerTeam.

    3. In the Refresh SOAP Web Service popup, click Yes.

    4. Type or confirm the URL or local file path for the WSDL, and then click Consume. Service Studio re-reads the WSDL and displays a selectable list of available methods to consume.

    5. Select all methods you want to consume. Note that:

      • The list of methods you select replaces the list you consumed previously; be sure to select all methods you want to consume, even if they haven't changed.
      • Refreshing does NOT wipe out authentication and On Before Request settings. These settings are not impacted when.
      • Methods no longer in the WSDL have an (outdated) label; these will no longer exist in the service.
      • New methods include a (new) label.

    6. Click Finish to consume the selected methods. In this example, only the AllPlayersNames method is consumed.

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