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Extensibility and Integration



Customize REST URLs

OutSystems allows you to customize the URL of your REST API methods according to your needs. For example:

GET https://<server>/MyAPI/rest/PhoneBook/GetContact?Id={Id}
GET https://<server>/MyAPI/rest/PhoneBook/Contacts/{Id}

For that, do the following:

  1. In the Logic tab, open the Integrations folder;
  2. Expand the REST API and select the method you want to change to display its properties;
  3. Set the URL Path property of the REST API method to the new custom URL. Example: /Contacts/{Id}.

The URL property will change accordingly.

The following sections show some examples of how to customize your endpoints.

Endpoints for Collections Example

Use the same name for methods related to a resource. OutSystems knows which method to execute through the HTTP verb:

Default Endpoint URL Path Customized Endpoint
GET https://<server>/MyAPI/rest/PhoneBook/GetContacts /Contacts GET https://<server>/MyAPI/rest/PhoneBook/Contacts
POST https://<server>/MyAPI/rest/PhoneBook/CreateContact /Contacts POST https://<server>/MyAPI/rest/PhoneBook/Contacts

Endpoints for a Resource Example

When handling a specific resource, start the URL Path with the collection name and add the following depending on the HTTP verb:

  • GET or DELETE: Add the resource identifier (the input parameter of the REST API method) between '{' and '}';
  • PUT: Add nothing, since the resource is already passed in the request Header or Body.
Default Endpoint URL Path Customized Endpoint
GET https://<server>/MyAPI/rest/PhoneBook/GetContact /Contacts/ GET https://<server>/MyAPI/rest/PhoneBook/Contacts/
DELETE https://<server>/MyAPI/rest/PhoneBook/DeleteContact /Contacts/ DELETE https://<server>/MyAPI/rest/PhoneBook/Contacts/
PUT https://<server>/MyAPI/rest/PhoneBook/UpdateContact /Contacts PUT https://<server>/MyAPI/rest/PhoneBook/Contacts

Endpoints for Sub-Collections Example

With master-detail relationships, handle details as a collection under the master resource:

Default Endpoint URL Path Customized Endpoint
GET https://<server>/MyAPI/rest/PhoneBook/GetContactAddresses /Contacts/ GET https://<server>/MyAPI/rest/PhoneBook/Contacts/
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