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How to integrate with Salesforce

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  • Enable your OutSystems application to consume or share data with a Salesforce app. This process requires configuration steps in Integration Builder and in Salesforce. This article describes the steps a Salesforce admin takes to create a connected app. It also includes the information an OutSystems developer needs from the Salesforce admin to complete the setup process in Integration Builder.


    • You need Salesforce administrator rights to complete these steps.
    • This article assumes an OutSystems developer sent a request to the Salesforce admin through Integration Builder. The email request includes a unique authorization certificate. Alternatively, the Salesforce admin can use a private certificate.

    Create a connected app in Salesforce

    1. Locate the email request with the title [user_name] requests your help to create a Salesforce Connected App. A unique authorization certificate is attached to this email. Alternatively, use a private certificate.

    2. Go to Salesforce > Service Setup Home, and open App Manager (User Interface > User Interface > App Manager).

    3. In the upper right, click New Connected App.

    4. In the Basic Information section, fill in the required fields.

    5. In API (Enable OAuth Settings), select Enable OAuth Settings.

    6. In the Callback URL box, paste the following URLs:

    7. Select Use digital signatures, and upload the certificate you received in the email request. Alternatively, upload a private certificate.

    8. In Selected OAuth Scopes, add:

      • Access and manage your data (api)
      • Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)
    9. Keep the default settings for other options and sections, and click Save. Then click Continue.

    10. On the Manage Connected Apps summary page, in API (Enable OAuth Settings), copy the Consumer Key.

    11. Send the Consumer Key to the developer who requested the connected app.

      If you used a private certificate, rather than the one attached to the email request, send the certificate as well, as the developer needs to upload it to Integration Manager.

    Assign pre-authorized users

    1. In Salesforce Service Setup, go to Administration > Users > Permissions Sets.

    2. Click New.

    3. Fill in the fields; note the following:

      • After you type the Label, the API Name should autocomplete.
      • Leave the License drop-down as None
    4. Click Save.

    5. On the Permission Set page you just created, click Manage Assignments, and then click Add Assignments.

    6. Select and assign a user. We recommend assigning a specific user, and that user should have permission to read, write, and delete data from Salesforce business objects.

    7. Navigate back to App Manager.

    8. For the app you created, click the arrow on the right and select Manage.

    9. Click Edit Policies.

    10. In Permitted Users, select Admin approved users are pre-authorized, and click Save.

    11. In Permissions Sets, click Manage Permission Sets.

    12. Select the Permission set you created, and click Save.