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Add an Entity

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  • You can manually add an entity to your extension as explained below. Integration Studio also provides you the Import Entities from Database wizard, which, through introspection, allows you to add several entities with less effort.

    To create an entity do the following:

    1. Right-click the Entities folder in the Multi-tree Navigator and select Add Entity.

    2. Specify the following properties:

      • Name: Name of the entity.
      • Logical Database: The external database logical name. This name is used in Service Center to map the entity to its physical database.
      • Physical Table Name: Physical table name.
      • Identifier: Attribute that uniquely identifies the entity rows.
      • Description: Description of the entity.
      • Default Value behavior: Define how the entity's attributes default values are stored in and retrieved from the database regarding being converted to Null or not. See Entity Properties for more information.
    3. Specify the attributes of the entity in the Attributes Editor.

    The Entity editor allows you to later change the action properties.

    Once the entities are defined and the extension is published on the Platform Server, the Service Studio developer must add a reference to these entities to use them in the module.

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