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Obtaining the SAP service specification

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  • The process of obtaining the SAP service specification that you must provide in Integration Builder depends on the type of service:

    • Default SAP Service: Download the specification from the SAP API Business Hub
    • Custom SAP Service: Download the specification from a specific service endpoint

    Service specification for a default SAP Service

    Do the following:

    1. Open the SAP API Business Hub in your browser.

      Main screen of the SAP API Business Hub

    2. In the main services list, search for the SAP service you want to integrate with and click the card for that service.

      For example, consider that you wanted to integrate with the "Business Partner (A2X)" OData API, available in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

      API list in SAP API Business Hub

      Note: The Business Hub includes REST, SOAP, and OData APIs. Make sure the API you select is an OData API.

    3. Open the Details tab (1).

      Detail page of a SAP API in the SAP API Business Hub

    4. Click Download API Specification (2) and select either JSON or EDMX from the available formats (3).

    Service specification for a custom SAP Service

    To get the specification for a custom SAP Service, you must make a request to its /$metadata endpoint. For this purpose, you can use an API client like Postman or SAP Gateway Client.

    Do the following:

    1. Using an API client, make a GET request to the /$metadata endpoint of the SAP service you want to integrate with.

      Example endpoint:

    2. Copy the service specification code returned as a response.

    3. In Integration Builder, click the link in the sentence "You can also paste the specification code.", available in the Upload specification step.

      SAP OData Integration Wizard - Step 1, Upload service specification

    4. Paste the service specification in the pop-up window and press Upload.

      Pop-up window where the user can paste the SAP service specification

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