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How to set up Integration Builder

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  • Check the prerequisites for using Integration Builder.


    To use Integration Builder you must meet the following requirements:

    • You're using the latest version of one of the following desktop browsers: Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari.

    • Your development environment uses Platform Server version 11.7.2 (January 2020) or later.

    • Your development environment allows inbound HTTPS communication (port 443) from Integration Builder, available at

    • The OutSystems IT user you use to log in to Integration Builder must have the "Change and Deploy Applications" permission level and the "Create Applications" specific permission in your OutSystems environment. Check Understanding the permission model for IT users for more information.

    • Each integration may have additional requirements. Check the specific integration documentation for details.

    • Since Integration Builder is currently available under an EAP, each OutSystems environment must be authorized beforehand by OutSystems to be able to access Integration Builder.

    • Integration Builder is available in all OutSystems editions.

    Note: Integration Builder currently does not support Multiple Database Catalogs (MDC) in OutSystems on-premises installations.

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