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The Azure resources reference

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  • This document lists the Azure resources you need for OutSystems AI components and connectors. The number of resources depends on the use case.


    The list of the OutSystems AI components and the Azure resources they use.


    The chatbot component uses the following components:

    • Bot Service (Web App Bot)
    • Bot Framework
    • QnA Maker Service
    • QnA Maker Knowledge Base


    The list of the OutSystems AI connectors and the Azure resources they use.

    Language Analysis

    • Requires a Cognitive Services resource.

    Azure Bot Framework Connector

    • Requires Web App Bot.

    Azure Cognitive Services Connector

    • Requires Cognitive Services.

    Azure LUIS Connector

    • Requires Language Understanding.
    • Requires Language Understanding app created in the portal.

    Azure QnA Maker Connector

    • Requires QnA Maker.
    • Requires QnA Knowledge Base created in QnA Maker portal.

    Azure ML Connector

    • Requires a Predictive Experiment created in Azure ML Studio.
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