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Release notes

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  • These are the release notes for ML Builder.

    Release May 13 2021

    ML Builder updates for the release of May 13, 2021.

    What's new

    • Now you have the mini-hub in the header to help you browse the OutSystems cloud tools.
    • Now you can request to receive a notification when the training is finished.
    • New copy and images in the screen Choose a use case.
    • In Service Studio, a new alert message when you try to call a model that's not deployed.
    • In Service Studio, a new alert message when you try to call a model without all required parameters in the request.

    Release Apr 8 2021

    ML Builder updates for the release of April 8, 2021.

    What's new

    • Added a new and guided tutorial with a sample dataset and a demo app. Together, they let you train and integrate your first model.
    • Now the ML Builder sets the number of the experiments automatically.
    • On the review model page, added new instructions explaining how to obtain the relative path to a remote CSV file.
    • We reviewed and improved the parameter descriptions of the public action of ML Builder Plugin v1.0.2.
    • Added a success message for connection string validation during the AI provider setup.

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed how the locations list show when configuring a new workspace. Now ML Builder shows only the valid locations for the subscription.
    • Fixed the delete model button that was not appearing in certain use cases.
    • Fixed the duplicated Set up environment title in the homepage.

    Release Mar 25 2021

    ML Builder updates for the release of March 25, 2021.

    What's new

    • All attributes now show during the attribute selection. Invalid attributes are disabled by default.
    • Added the Retry button to the Create a cluster action. Use the button to retry the action if there's timeout while the cluster templates load.
    • Improved the performance of loading cluster templates during the AI provider setup.
    • Added an overview area for text classification and attribute prediction on the screen where you select a use case.
    • Now the tips area is highlighted in the first training.
    • Minor UX improvements.

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed a sync issue where the workspace was registered in the database before getting the API response.
    • Fixed the screen auto-refresh to prevent unnecessary refreshes.
    • Fixed the display of a new workspace when the creation process starts.
    • Fixed the provisioning cluster message display during the creation of a workspace.

    Release Mar 11 2021

    ML Builder updates for the release of March 11, 2021.

    What's new

    • ML Builder now shows the score for each attribute about how useful the attribute is for the prediction. Only available for new models.
    • Improved the AI provider setup to define the storage container automatically.
    • New popup for attributes in the review and model details pages.
    • Reviewed and improved text in the "Tips" section.

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed the model performance score to show correctly after training a model.
    • Fixed the delete button in the model details screen.
    • Fixed delete and deploy model popup size.
    • Fixed popups to prevent clipping of the content.
    • Fixed the position of the starting guide topics.

    Release Feb 24 2021

    ML Builder updates for the release of February 24, 2021.

    What's new

    • Starting Guide. Use the Starting Guide to guide you through the main ML Builder concepts.
    • New Welcome page experience.
    • Removed unnecessary paddings from the right sidebar.
    • Minor improvements in user experience.
    • The right sidebar now is open by default in the model training flow.

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed CSV generation issue by enclosing fields that have commas in quotes.
    • Fixed CSV format by the encoding to UTF-8 as default.
    • Fixed scroll to top in the model review screen.

    Release Feb 10 2021

    ML Builder updates for the release of February 10, 2021.

    What's new

    • You can now delete your models through the ML Builder. Deleting obsolete models is important to avoid additional costs in your Azure subscription.
    • In the AI provider setup now you don't have to register Azure resources before fetching the workspace. This lets you set up the tool faster.

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed an issue that prevented training more than two models in parallel, in the same cluster.
    • Fixed the cluster name so it can accept more than 16 characters.
    • Fixed the decimal score representation so it doesn't show as a set of characters but the decimal value.

    Release Dec 7 2020

    ML Builder updates for the release of December 7, 2020.

    What's new

    • ML Builder is now a SaaS tool. Having the tool in the cloud reduces the installation efforts and provides a scalable solution for public availability.
    • Now the training and deploy of a model are separate stages. The separation of stages lets you have a better overview and cost control of your Azure subscription.
    • ML Builder user interface is a Reactive Web App with OutSystems UI. The newer UI framework provides a more straightforward and modern user experience.
    • Improved CSS across the user interface.

    Bug fixes

    No bug fixes in this release.

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