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Implement model in your app

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  • After you train your model and you're happy with the model performance, use the model in your app logic.

    To use the model in your app, you need to:

    • Install the ML Builder plugin. You can download the plugin during the setup, as described in Getting started.
    • Deploy at least one model. You can deploy a model by clicking on the Deploy button in the model overview page.

    In Service Studio, open the app where you want to implement the model and do the following:

    1. Reference the ML Builder plugin. Press Ctrl+Q and in the Manage Dependencies window search for MLBuilderPlugin. Then, select the Service Actions in the right pane.

    Manage Dependencies and ML Builder plugin

    1. In the logic of your app, use the Actions from Logic > Service Actions > MLBuilderPlugin > ModelScore to get the scores from your models:

      • GetAttributePrediction for attribute models
      • GetTextClassification for text classification models

      Explore the parameters of the actions to learn more about the values they require and return.

      ML Builder actions

    ML Builder is currently in a public early access program (EAP) and you need to register at the ML Builder registration page to try it out.

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