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Create AI-powered chatbots

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  • OutSystems is a low-code platform that lets you quickly create chatbots and add them to your apps. Use the OutSystems.AI Chatbot component from Forge to create UI and connect your logic to the AI back end.

    To create a chatbot from the Chatbot component, you need:

    • A Microsoft Azure account and a permission to create and edit a bot service
    • Permissions to install Forge components in your environment

    Your chatbot consists of the user interface and logic that generates replies to the user. If you want to quickly add a chatbot to your app, a chatbot that can answer questions based on the information from the knowledge base, check Getting started: How to create an FAQ chatbot for instructions.

    For more development options and advanced computational features, such as natural language processing, we recommend using the resources provided by the AI provided. OutSystems uses Microsoft Azure as the AI provider. Use the chatbot webhook module to connect to Azure and design advanced responses, for example to send a file or create a card with buttons or suggested actions.

    There's a chatbot demo app in Forge. Install the demo in your environment, check out the logic, and reuse it your chatbots. Go to OutSystems.AI Chatbot Reactive, click Download, and then Download component + demo.

    Here is an overview of some use cases to get you started. The time to develop and deploy for use cases other than an FAQ chatbot refers to the OutSystems developers with intermediate skills.

    Your chatbot use case Recommended guides Time to develop and deploy
    Answers frequently asked questions, based on your knowledge base. See Getting started: How to create an FAQ chatbot for detailed instructions. Fast
    Implements interactions with both Azure and OutSystems resources. See Create and configure the chatbot webhook module and then see an example how to reply with an echo message through the webhook module. Moderate, depends on use case complexity
    Shows cards with thumbnails, buttons, and files for download. See Create advanced logic and reply with cards. Moderate
    Has a fully custom interface. See Create custom chatbot UI Moderate

    Making a working chatbot in only part of the work towards creating a useful chatbot solution. You also need knowledge about designing interactive user experiences. We recommend reading Principles of bot design and Writing for bots by Microsoft.

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