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Process Flow Editor

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  • OutSystems provides you with a specific editor to define the process flow of your processes. This editor is called the Process Flow Editor and is divided into the following areas:

    • Process Flow Toolbox: at the left hand side of Service Studio's workspace, it provides a set of tools that can be dragged and dropped on your Content Canvas to define the behavior of the process.
      The tools are elements that execute process activities, other processes or flow control tools. When a tool is dragged onto the Content Canvas, a new process activity in the process flow is created.

    • Content Canvas: this is the central area of Service Studio's workspace where you drop the tools from the Process Flow Toolbox to define the logic of your process.
      To see the properties of a process activity, select it on the Content Canvas and they'll be displayed in the Property window.

    Defining the Flow

    To define the flow of a process connect the elements on the Content Canvas starting in the Start element - only one Start element is allowed in a process flow. To finish a flow path use the End element - depending on the elements you are using in the process flow you can have a single or multiple paths.

    In a process flow you are allowed to use other start tools to define alternative flows to handle specific events.

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