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Inspect the HTTP requests in Mobile Apps for iOS

The network inspector feature is available in the debug builds created with MABS 6.0 and later. For apps built with the earlier versions of MABS, use Web Inspector in Safari.

The user interface of the network inspector consists of a toolbar and a button that opens the screen with the network traffic details.

Network inspector settings

Enabling and opening the network inspection on iOS

Here is how you can activate and open the network inspection screen on the iOS devices.

  1. Start the app. A permission dialog shows.
  2. Tap Allow in "App would like to send you notifications".
  3. Hold three fingers on the screen for about half of a second. You can perform this gesture anywhere in the app at any time.

    Network inspector settings

  4. The network toolbar shows. Tap Network.

    Network inspector toolbar

  5. The network debugging is disabled by default on iOS, and you need to enable it. Tap the Settings button and activate Network Debugging option. Tap Done when you finish.

    The settings button:

    Network inspector settings

    The debugging settings:

    Network debugging

  6. Finally, tap the Network button to show all requests. Tap a request to see the details.

    Network debugging

You only need to grant the notification permission and enable the network debugging once. After that, you can use the 3-finger gesture to show the toolbar.


  • The requests are only added to the list after the Network Debugging option is enabled. If you see an empty list or only a few requests, restart the app and open the network requests screen again.
  • Enabling the feature is only valid for that app in that particular device. A fresh install of the app requires that you set the permissions again and turn on the network debugging.
  • Dismissing the notification prompt can affect the behavior of the app if it uses notifications for other purposes.

The network inspection on Android

The target OS for the network inspection screen is iOS. The feature is available on Android as well, but keep in mind the following:

  • On Android the app needs the overlay permission to show the network toolbar. Turn on the option Allow display over other apps.
  • Resources that are loaded by the WebView are not visible on the Android screen. We recommend using Chrome to view all requests.
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