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Testing your application

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  • As your applications grow in scale and complexity, validating them can take longer, especially if validation is manual. If not addressed, more time for testing can slow the pace of delivery. Automated testing is one way software teams can shorten delivery timelines and ensure application code works as designed.

    OutSystems provides tools, guidance, and best practices for implementing automated testing in your environment. Documentation on testing guidelines covers a number of topics related to strategy, tools, and test types.

    Component testing with BDDFramework tools

    Component testing is the process of testing Actions and exposed Services that make up an application's logic. Component testing in OutSystems spans multiple test types, including unit, integration, and API tests. BDDFramework is the recommended tool for planning and executing component testing. The following resources provide more information.

    UI and load testing

    OutSystems generates standard mobile and web apps with a .NET web stack on the server side. Therefore, you can use most standard testing tools for UI or load testing. Considerations to keep in mind when choosing a tool appear in this best practices article on automated testing tools.

    Integration and API testing

    You can find guidelines for integration and API testing in the best practices documentation. This best practices article covers considerations for planning and implementing API integration tests. It also briefly covers other types of integration testing.

    Web UI testing

    Considerations and best practices for web UI testing cover design patters and considerations for choosing a testing tool and designing tests.

    More information and training

    The following resources provide general information about planning and executing tests with OutSystems.

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