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Add and Delete End Users

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    In the Users application, click the Users tab to view the list of all the end users currently active in your environment.

    Create a new end user

    If you use an external authentication method (for example, Active Directory or SAML 2.0) to authenticate end users, you don't need to create the users manually. Instead, they're created automatically in the OutSystems database on the first login.

    Check End Users Authentication for more information on external authentication methods.

    To create a new end user for your applications do the following:

    1. Click Create a new User under the "Users" page heading.

    2. Fill in the details and press Save.

      The Users app redirects you to the user detail page after creating the user.

    3. Assign groups and roles to the user.

    Demo of creating a user in the Users app

    Activate and deactivate an existing end user

    A deactivated end user can't log in to any application and has all the granted permissions suspended.
    To deactivate an end user, access the user detail page and then click Set as Inactive.

    In the Users tab, click Inactive Users to view the list of deactivated users.
    To activate an end user again, enter the user details and click Set as Active.

    Delete an existing end user

    To permanently delete an end user, click Edit this User on the user detail screen and select Delete this User.

    Demo of deleting an end user in the Users app

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