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Reuse and Refactor

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  • As your apps grow, keep them maintainable and scalable by centralizing the logic in a reusable, modular way. In OutSystems you can use different types of modules and reference them as producer modules. Similarly, the consumer modules use the elements of logic that the producers expose.

    Here is an overview of module types.

    Module type Description
    Reactive Module for building Reactive Web Apps. Supports UI and logic.
    Mobile Module for building Mobile Apps. Supports UI and logic.
    Traditional Web Module for building Traditional Web Apps. Supports UI and logic.
    Service Enforces the encapsulation of core services by abstracting either business concepts or business-agnostic services. See more at Service modules.
    Library Encapsulates logic and UI patterns that are database independent, promoting the reuse of these elements within your factory. See more at Library modules
    Extension Lets you integrate with enterprise systems and to extend the existing functionality and data model of OutSystems. You can learn more in the document about extending logic with your code.

    You can also create blank modules, which are modules that don't contain user interface. For example, if you're creating a Reactive Web App, you can add a blank module to avoid referencing OutSystems UI.

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