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Technical Preview - Emails in Mobile and Reactive Web Apps

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  • You can create and send emails from Mobile Apps and Reactive Web Apps. In this technical preview, you can use basic formatting and navigation in your emails.

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    To use this feature, you must meet the following requirements:

    • You're using Platform Server 11.12 or later.
    • Your Service Studio is up to date.
    • You have configured the SMTP server. See Configure OutSystems to Send Emails for instructions.
    • You have activated the technical preview Emails for Mobile and Reactive in LifeTime in all environments.

    Getting started

    The following are the steps to get you started with creating and sending emails:

    1. Create an Email and add some content to it. See: Managing emails
    2. Create logic that renders Emails and sends them as emails to users. See: Sending emails

    Emails for Mobile and Reactive is a technical preview feature. See: Prerequisites.

    For more information about emails, see the following resources:

    If you want to... Check out...
    Create a new Email Creating a new Email
    Add some content to an Email Adding content to Email
    Add content based on user inputs Handling inputs in Emails
    Create logic to send emails Sending Emails
    See what widgets you can use Widgets available in Emails
    See what data types you can use in inputs Available data types, in particular compound data types
    Validate or format email addresses Email built-in functions
    Learn more about security Security best practices and server-to-client data transfer optimization
    Send us feedback or ask for tips! Create a new post with the technical preview tag in Forums.

    About emails in Reactive Web Apps and Mobile Apps

    The following sections cover the more technical details related to the emails as a technical preview in Reactive Web Apps and Mobile Apps. If you need more specific information, let the team know in a new post with the technical preview tag in Forums.

    How emails work

    In Service Studio, you first define the structure of the email and the expressions the platform evaluates to generate the email content. Then, the platform turns the structure into a HTML template, evaluates the expressions, replaces the content, and creates the final HTML. Finally, the platform sends the email message using the configurations you provide in Service Center.


    The following is some terminology used in this section.

    • Email — the UI element in Service Studio
    • email — generic meaning of the word
    • to send email — sending an email message to the user email address
    • to trigger email — event that starts the logic for sending emails

    Data considerations

    You can create Emails by using input parameters data, local variables and the scope of the Email widgets expressions. Elements like Aggregates, Data Actions, or Client Variables aren't available in the Email scope.

    Emails support compound data types.

    Security consideration

    Most modern apps run some logic in the client devices which makes it straightforward to inspect and manipulate the code. When you design Emails that require input fields from the client-side of the app, make sure that you follow security best practices.

    Email clients and CSS

    There are many email clients and there's no consistent support for CSS. OutSystems recommends you test your email content regularly in different clients. To check how different platforms support the CSS you want to use, you can use tools such as, Can I email.

    CSS from producers

    In this technical preview, when your Email modules (consumers) use CSS from other modules (producers), the emails show the latest styles that you published in the environment. When you publish the producer, continue using the consumer to get the latest styles from the producer. There's no need to republish the producer.

    Clipped content in Gmail

    Google Gmail clips messages if the HTML code is larger than 102 KB. OutSystems recommends you start with Emails that have only basic styles, without the CSS from OutSystems UI.

    Emails in Traditional Web App

    For emails in Traditional Web App, check out Send an Email From a Web Application.

    Articles in this Section

    • Managing Emails
      Use Emails under UI Flows to design and add available widgets. Add data to emails with the input parameters.
    • Sending Emails
      Use Send Email action on the server to send emails. Trigger manual or automatic sending of emails.
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