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Widgets in emails

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  • OutSystems designed widgets to help you create lightweight emails that most email readers can open. When you edit an email, Service Studio shows the available Email widgets in the widgets toolbar.

    widgets for emails

    Use the Email widgets like you use the Screen widgets, with the following common differences designed to make the emails light and secure:

    • Email widgets don't have features that require handling plenty of data. For example, Table in Emails doesn't show the pagination section.
    • You can't use JavaScript and custom actions in Email widgets. Most email clients don't support JavaScript due to security concerns.

    Widgets available in Emails

    You can use the following widgets in Emails.

    Widget Description Notes
    Container Lets you arrange other widgets.
    Expressions Evaluates expressions and displays variable values.
    If Shows content based on a condition.
    Images Embeds an image. Using binary content from a data base available in Platform Server 11.13.0 and later.
    Link Adds a navigational element.
    List Shows records as items in a list. To quickly create a list in a Mobile App, drag an Entity to Email.
    Table Shows records in columns and rows. To quickly create a table in a Reactive Web App, drag an Entity to Email. See also: Creating and editing tables.
    Text Adds plain text.
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