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Adding email attachments

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  • An email attachment is a file users can open and save to their devices. For example, you can send a PDF file in the email for users to view and print the content.

    You can send email attachments by providing the list of files in the Attachments section of the Send Email node. Define the file name, content, and media type of an attachment as the Attachment data structure.

    In the Attachments section of the Send Email, you can add:

    • One or more inline attachments. Do this to attach a static file that changes rarely, like a PDF embedded in the app resources. See: Attaching a single file.

    • A list of attachments. Do this when, for example, you want to send multiple files from a database, such as images from a product catalog. See: Attaching multiple files

    Attaching a file

    To attach a file to an email, complete the following steps in Service Studio:

    1. On the Logic tab, open the action that sends the email and select the Send Email node.

      To learn more about creating emails, see Managing emails. To create logic that sends emails, see Sending emails.

    2. In the Send Email properties, locate the Attachments section and move your pointer over the Attachments list.

      Service Studio shows a plus icon with the "add list item" tooltip.

      Adding attachments in the Send Email action

    3. Click the plus icon next to the Attachments list to add a new item.

      Service Studio adds a new Attachment item and labels it with zero.

    4. Move your mouse over the item you added in the Attachment list and click the plus icon to expand.

      Attachment properties

    5. Enter the information to define the file name, content, and media type of the email attachment.

      For more information about the Attachment properties, see Attachment data structure.

      Attachment properties

      The following are example properties to attach a PDF file from the module resources:

      • FileName: "sample.pdf".
      • FileContent: Resource.sample_pdf.Content.
      • MimeType: "application/pdf"

      To add a file to the module resources, go to the Data tab, right-click Resources, and select Import Resources.

    Attaching multiple files

    To attach several files to an email, create a List with the Attachment data structure and then pass the list to the Attachments property of the Send Email action.

    The following example references the Sample_ProductImage Entity from OutSystemsSampleDataDB, a standard sample data module in the OutSystems cloud. The text attribute FileName is the file name of the image attachment. The binary attribute FileContent is the content of the image.

    In the following example, Service Studio fetches images from a database with an Aggregate and then sends it in an email:

    1. On the Logic tab, open the action that sends the email and drag an Entity before the Send Email node.

      Service Studio places an Aggregate in the logic flow.

      Getting data from database

      Enter a value in the Max. Records property. For example, enter 5 to get five records for five attachments in the email. Leave the field empty to get all the records.

    2. In the properties of the Send Email node, double-click the Attachments list.

      The expression editor opens.

      Getting data from database

    3. In the expression editor, select the output List from your Aggregate, for example, GetSampleProductImages.List. Service Studio shows an error with a message that you need to use the Attachment List data type. Click Done to close the editor and move on to the next step to map the values and resolve the error.

    4. In the Attachment section of Send Email, map the attributes so Service Studio knows which values pass to the attachments. You must specify binary content and the file name. The MIME type is optional, but providing it lets more email clients handle the attachment.

      Mapping the values to the attachment data structure


    More information related to attachments.

    Attachment data structure

    Use the Attachment data structure to pass information about files between the logic elements that handle emails.

    Name Data type Notes
    FileContent Binary Data Content that the platform embeds as the attachment.
    FileName Text The file name of the attachment to show in the email. For example, "image.png".
    MimeType Text Media type identifier. For example, "image/png". Enter to tell the email readers how to handle the content, as this can help prevent errors in some clients. Leave empty to let the email clients handle the detection.
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