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Troubleshooting and known issues

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  • The multilingual feature for Reactive Web Apps and Mobile Apps is in the technical preview phase. OutSystems is collecting feedback to improve the feature. Until the feature is generally available, use this document to read about the issues and recommended workarounds.

    Known issues and workarounds

    This section contains more details about known issues.

    Right-to-left languages don't show properly

    Fixed in Platform Server 11.11.1.

    Update to Platform Server 11.11.1 and use up-to-date Service Studio to prevent issues with the display of content in right-to-left languages.

    Apps show content for the right-to-left (RTL) languages left to right instead of right to left. This is a known issue and OutSystems is working on improvements. Until the fix is public, use the workaround below to control how the content shows in your apps.


    The CSS class is-rtl defines the styles for the RTL locales. Create custom logic to add the is-rtl class for all your RTL locales and remove it it for non-RTL locales.

    1. Compile a list of the identifiers for the RTL locales your app supports.

    2. Create a new client action that checks if the current locale is RTL, and then add or remove the CSS is-rtl class. In this example, the action is ChangeWritingType.

      Sample logic with If and JS nodes

      The If node checks the condition GetCurrentLocale() = "ar-AE". Since "ar-AE" is one of the RTL locales, the logic runs the AddRTL node.

      Here is the code for the JavaScript nodes:

      • Add RTL class: document.body.classList.add("is-rtl");
      • Remove RTL class: document.body.classList.remove("is-rtl");
    3. Go to UI Flows > Common > Menu and add the client action you just created to the logic flow of OnRender action under Menu.

      Sample logic

      Add your action in the OnRender action of an element that runs in all screens of the app. In this example, the action is in the OnRender of the Menu block.

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