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Theme compatibility in Screen Templates

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  • When working with Screen Templates you may see the following warning message: The Themes are not compatible. The final Screen may look different than the preview. To use this Screen Template, you need a module with a Theme based on (module name)(theme name). This means that your module and Screen Template are not compatible, which may cause the final page not to display correctly.

    If you are using one of the built-in Application Templates:

    • Select a compatible Screen Template. The Screen Templates that come with Service Studio are compatible with the built-in Application Templates.
    • Create your Screen Templates and use your (custom) Theme as the base.

    If the Screen Template was compatible with your module, but now it's not:

    • Revert the changes you did to the module Theme.
    • Check if you set the correct Theme in the Default Theme property field of your module or UI Flow.

    Theme Compatibility warning

    Traditional Web Apps

    If you're using one of the Traditional Web App Templates inherited from OutSystems 10 (Lisbon, Dublin, Liverpool, Vanilla, and Website) or the London Theme based Application Template, Web Application:

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