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Screen Templates

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  • Check Screen Templates on the OutSystems UI website for the list of templates and their previews.

    Screen Templates enable you to create Screens with predefined layouts, widgets, components, styles, and logic. A Screen created from a Screen Template can be published immediately and shown as a part of a demo.

    The Screens created from the built-in Screen Templates have sample data that you can replace manually or semi-automatically. Having sample data in the Screen is a good way to see how the Screen is designed and to get inspired for developing your app.

    Screen Templates help you develop faster. For example, you can create the Work Order List Screen and then adapt it to the Screen that shows the statuses of your project tasks. You can change WorkOrderItem to ProjectTaskItem by dragging and dropping the corresponding Entity over the Widget. This changes the data sources and updates the user interface.

    OutSystems provides the default Screen Templates that are built on top of the OutSystems UI Framework, but you can create your own Screen Templates as well.

    New Screen dialog with default Screen Templates

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