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  • A Screen is a user interface (UI) element that contains other UI elements for users to interact. An empty Screen contains a basic layout for you to add widgets. A Screen based on a Screen Template has predefined content that works as a demo.

    How Screens show in an app to you users depends on the app type:

    • In a Reactive Web App, Screens render as web pages in a browser.
    • In Mobile Apps, Screens render as screens of a mobile app.

    Creating a Screen

    To create a Screen, follow these steps in Service Studio:

    1. Go to the Interface tab, and then expand the UI Flows folder.

      Interface tab UI Flows

    2. From the UI Flows, right-click MainFlow and in the menu select Add Screen.

      Add a Screen

    3. Select one of the following:

      • Empty, to create an empty Screen
      • A Screen Template, to create a Screen based on a template

      create Blank Screen

    4. Optionally, enter a name in the Screen name field.

    5. Click Create Screen.

    Do you prefer keyboard shortcuts? Select a UI Flow, for example MainFlow, and use the following shortcuts to create a Screen:

    • Ctrl + N. Opens a New Screen window.
    • Ctrl + Shift + N. Creates a new blank Screen.

    See Service Studio Shortcuts for a more complete list of the shortcuts.

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