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Use Events to Propagate Changes From a Block to the Parent

You can propagate changes from a block to the block or screen where it is instantiated. Blocks can define events that trigger event handlers which include logic to react to the actions of the end-user.

To propagate changes from a block to its parent:

  1. In the Elements tree, right-click the block element and add an event. When used, this event will raise the notification to the block's parent.

  2. If needed, add input parameters to the event that will we be sent with the notification.

  3. Use the event, available under the block element in the Elements tree, in the action from where you want to propagate the change.

  4. In the parent that will handle the notification, open it and select the block. In the properties pane, go to the Events section and set the event handler property to the action that will catch the notification.

  5. If you have any value sent by the event, add an input parameter to this action and assign to it the value from the event.