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Applies only to Traditional Web Apps




Display groups of content as scannable collections.

Use the Gallery to enable the users to sequentially browse information, with a notion of beginning and end. It's helpful when there is a large number of cards you need to group into one or more scannable collections.

How to use

Use static data or a List widget inside this block to display items in a gallery pattern.

  1. Drag a list or static content.

  2. Set the number of items in Input Parameters.

Input parameters

Input Name Description Type Mandatory Default Value
ItemsDesktop Number of Items per line on Desktop. Integer False 5
ItemsTablet Number of Items per line on Tablet. Integer False 3
ItemsPhone Number of Items per line on Phone. Integer False 1
ExtendedClass Adds custom style classes to the Tabs Block. Text False none

Layout and classes


Line Separator from ListRecords should be None.

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