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Range Slider Interval Pattern

Select a single value or a range between two values.

When to use

Offer this UI control of choice for letting users select a value or range from a fixed set of options.

How to use

Place the range slider pattern on your screen. On the pattern properties, select the min and max range values.

  1. Drag RangeSliderInterval pattern into the preview.

  2. Enter the mandatory values in the properties pane.

Input Parameters

Input Name Description Type Mandatory Default Value
MinValue Set lowest possible value. Integer True none
MaxValue Set highest possible value. Integer True none
InitialValue Value selected by default. Must be between min and max values. Integer False 1
Step Increment value for each step. For instance, a step of 5 would make the slider jump across 0-5-10-15-20 and so on. The default value is 1. Integer True none
ShowPips If true, displays the range values near the slider. The default value is true. Boolean False True
PipsStepsNumber Set the number of Pip Steps. Only applied if ShowPips is true Integer False 0
AdvancedFormat Allow for more options beyond what it's provided through the inputs. To find more options that can be used, go to noUiSlider library. Example: "{ pips: { density: 1 } }" Text False "


Event Name Description Mandatory
OnChange Event triggered once a handler is dragged and the values change. True

Return Values

  • SelectedMinValue: Integer
  • SelectedMaxValue: Integer

Layout and Classes

CSS Selectors

Element CSS Class Description
Lesser handle .noUi-handle-lower It's the lesser handle, used to customize (use also the :before and :after).
Upper Handle .noUi-handle-upper It's the upper handle, used to customize (use also the :before and :after).
Interval .noUi-connect Used to change the color of the interval

Examples in Screen Templates

The following Screen Templates use the this pattern:

  • CardList
  • FourColumnGallery
  • ThreeColumnGallery
  • TwoColumnGallery

Advanced Use Case

Here are some examples of more advanced settings for the pattern.

Change Interval Color

.range-slider .noUi-connect { background: yourcolor; }

Or using CSS variables: var(--color-yourcolor) example: .range-slider .noUi-connect { background: var(--color-red); }

Make sure to check which colors are available.

Removing the || of the handlers

  1. Create a class .range-slider .noUi-handle:before, .range-slider .noUi-handle:after
  2. Set the content to height: 0px
  3. Publish the application.

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