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Applies only to Traditional Web Apps




Shows additional content on the side of the screen.

Use the Sidebar to place additional information in the margin of the main content. The additional information supports the end-user's understanding of the main content.

How to use

To trigger the sidebar, call a new screen action through a button with Ajax submit and use the ToggleSidebar action (found in the Logic Tab) to open/close it. Use the parameters to define if it has Overlay in the page.

  1. Drag the Sidebar pattern into the preview.

  2. Set the content in the placeholders.

  3. Publish and test.

Input Parameters

Input Name Description Type Mandatory Default Value
HasOverlay When set to true enables a clickable overlay. Boolean False False
ExtendedClass Add custom style classes to this Block. Text False none

Layout and Classes

CSS Selectors

Element CSS Class Description
.sidebar When Sidebar is closed
.sidebar When Sidebar is open
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