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Applies only to Traditional Web Apps




Organizes the content of a screen, enabling quick navigation within the page.

Use the Section Index to organize the content of a screen, enabling quick navigation. Related content is preferably grouped adjacent to each other.

How to use

Drag the SectionIndex pattern into the preview.

It creates a link to every section you have on the page. The name of the link is based on the text you have in the Title placeholder of each section.

Input Parameters

Input Name Description Type Mandatory Default Value
IsSmooth If IsSmooth is true, the navigation to destination will animate. If set to false, it will navigate instantly. Boolean False False
IsFixed If Fixed is true, SectionIndex will allways be in the same position within the screen. If set to false, it scrolls with the page content. Text False True
TopPosition Set the top position when the SectionIndex is fixed. Just insert the number, the pixels unit will be added automatically. Integer False none
ExtendedClass Add custom style classes to this Block. Text False none

Layout and Classes

CSS Selectors

Element CSS Class Description
.section-index Defines if the SectionIndex position is fixed or not
.section-index-item Defines the current active link

Advanced Use Case

Change active color

  1. Write the following CSS in the CSS editor and change the yourcolor. { border-left-color: yourcolor; color: yourcolor; }

  2. Or using CSS variables: var(--color-yourcolor). { border-left-color: var(--color-yourcolor); color: var(--color-yourcolor); }

For RTL compatibility, make sure to also add the following code:

`.is-rtl {
    border-right-color: yourcolor;
    color: yourcolor;


Remember to use the Title placeholder in the Section pattern, as this will define the text for each SectionIndex link.

Device Compatibility

In Internet Explorer position: fixed is used instead of position sticky, as the latter is unsupported.

Compatibility with other Patterns

Only works with Section Pattern in the same screen.

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