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  • DropdownSelect enables you to implement a search functionality or multiple selection in lists. You must bind it to the main widget.

    Use the Dropdown Select when you need an enhanced combo or list box in forms, as it offers a richer user experience than the list.

    How to use

    To add DropdownSelect to your application, follow these steps:

    1. Place Combo Box or List Box in the main editor. This is your main widget.

    2. Make sure you enter a value in the Name property of the main widget.

    3. Drag DropdownSelect pattern into the preview next to your main widget.

    4. Set the mandatory value WidgetId in the properties pane that corresponds to the main widget.

    5. Adjust the widget width by adjusting the width of the outer container.

    How this pattern behaves depends on the way it is bound.

    • If you bind it to a Combo Box widget, DropdownSelect works as a selectable Dropdown.
    • If you bind it to a List Box, DropdownSelect works as a multi-select with removable tags.

    Input parameters

    Input Name Description Type Mandatory Default Value
    WidgetId Element Name (Combo Box and List Box) that triggers the element to be visible. Text True none
    NoResultsText Text to display when there are no results. Text False "No results found."
    SearchEnabled If set to false, removes the search functionality. Doesn't work with ListBox. Boolean False True
    SearchResultsLimit Limits number of results shown. Long Integer False 10
    AdvancedFormat Enables more options beyond what's provided through the inputs. To find more options go to Choices library. Example: { searchPlaceholderValue: 'Search' } Text False {}
    ExtendedClass Set a class. You can then use it to bind all other ComboBox/ListBox in your screen. Text False ""

    Layout and classes

    CSS selectors

    Element CSS Class Description
    Dropdown Defines if the drop-down is closed or opened

    Advanced Use Case

    Change the border color

    Write the following CSS in the CSS editor and change the yourcolor variable:

    .choices__inner { border: var(--border-size-s) solid yourcolor; }

    Or using the CSS variable var(--color-yourcolor) example:

    .choices__inner { border: var(--border-size-s) solid var(--color-yourcolor); }

    Change removable tags color

    Write the following CSS in the CSS editor and change the yourcolor variable:

    .choices__list--multiple .choices__item.choices__item--selectable { background: yourcolor; }

    Or using the CSS variable var(--color-yourcolor) example:

    .choices__list--multiple .choices__item.choices__item--selectable { background: var(--color-yourcolor); }

    Browser previews

    With Combo Box:

    With List Box:


    The SearchEnabled parameter doesn't work with ListBox.

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