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Applies only to Traditional Web Apps




Allow end-users to make a choice from several options.

Use the Dropdown to offer a choice of more than four options. For a very large number of options, consider using the Dropdown Select to avoid loss of context.

How to use

Fill in the label of the Dropdown and add the required links in the DropdownList placeholder.

  1. Drag the Dropdown pattern into the preview.

  2. Set your content in the placeholders.

  3. Publish and test.

Input Parameters

Input Name Description Type Mandatory Default Value
ExtendedClass Add custom style classes to this Block. Text False none

Layout and Classes

CSS Selectors

Element CSS Class Description
.dropdown .is--hidden Defines if the dropdown list is closed
.dropdown .is--visible Defines if the dropdown list is open

Advanced Use Case

  1. Drag the Dropdown Pattern into the page.

  2. In the DropdownList placeholder, drag a ListRecords widget.

  3. Set the Line Separator property of the ListRecords widget to None.
  4. In the ListRecords widget, drag a link and connect it to the required destination.
  5. Inside the List, use expressions to display the content.
  6. In the Prompt placeholder, set the text you want to define as the prompt.
  7. Publish and test.

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